House Season 6 Episode 20 Recap: "Help Me"

During a therapy session with Dr. Nolan, House begins to discuss what he calls an ordinary week: Wilson asks him to move out so Sam can move in, House takes on a mysterious case of a patient with amnesia to distract himself from the situation and Alvie returns.

This week's episode of House doesn't follow the same formula of past episodes. Instead, it begins as House enters the office of Dr. Nolan - House's super-sharp therapist from the beginning of the season. House rehashes the story of what he describes as just another "ordinary week," and Nolan tries to psychoanalyze his every move and word. When Nolan learns House was involved in a bar fight, he is convinced House was looking to punish himself and wants to find out why.

House begins to tell his doc of the case he took with a patient suffering from amnesia. Nolan realizes that the only reason House was in the ER in the first place was because he was avoiding Wilson, who asked him to move out so Sam can move in. House even goes so far as to do the patient leg work himself by taking her out to where she bought the heart-rate monitor to see if anything is familiar.

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