'Persons Unknown' - 'Identity' Recap Episode 10

Before we get to this week's review, let me tell you about the next episode of 'Persons Unknown.'

There isn't going to be one.

Well, let me clarify, there isn't going to be one on television. NBC is doing something interesting -- and by "interesting," I mean stupid -- with the next episode ('Seven Sacrifices') of the show: they're putting it online this coming week and not on TV next Saturday. Why? Well, they want to end the show a week early, so they're putting the next episode online and then the two-hour series finale will air next Saturday.

Look, I understand that the show is getting low ratings. That's why it was shoved to Saturday nights from the original Monday night slot. But why do this at the very end of the series run? Next week's episode will be the 11th of 13, and they're screwing fans by putting it online only?

Well, I guess it's better than the alternative, not being shown at all (we've seen that happen many times before). So I guess we can look at it as having an extra show to watch next week!

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