Life Unexpected Episode Recap: "Bong Intercepted" Episode 4

Another blowup erupts between Cate and Lux in this week's Life Unexpected after the latter is suspended from school. This eventually leads to a revelation that will change Cate and Ryan's lives. Meanwhile, Baze attempts to raise the money he owes Lux, even if he has to go about it using unconventional means.

This week's episode kicks off with Ryan and Cate in another classic "Cate is lousy with her love life" conversation over the radio. Have their listeners still not figured out they're engaged? Apparently yes, as they discuss the woes of single life. This time, they've dragged their married boss, Alice (Being Erica's Erin Karpluk), into their argument. "You single people don't know how easy you have it," she says. Cate retorts that dating comes with small talk and small body parts.

Meanwhile, Baze hits rock bottom, or really, his bank account has. He and Jamie need to figure out a way to get more people into the bar so they can make more money. I mean, it is pretty sad when your daughter sells your priceless bong lamp to pay last month's rent, right? While perusing the net, Baze comes across the radio station's website and sees an ad for a competing bar on there, where Cate and Ryan are holding their next event. The event, funnily enough, is basically speed dating.

At school, Lux discusses where she's been in her life (or at least what she makes up) with the cool kids she's befriended, one being the new proud owner of the infamous bong lamp - until she gives it to her boyfriend at least. Until then, it's resting safe and sound in her locker, that way her parents won't find it. Pop quiz, hot shot: Does that even sound like a good idea? At least it got Lux an invite to Brynn's sleepover.

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