The Bachelor Episode Recap: Week 6 Season 14, Epìsode 6

On this week's episode of The Bachelor, Jake embarks on four very different hometown dates and Ali must make a very life-changing decision.

In New York City, Gia's family seems tough to please right off the bat. Gia's mom and brother are 100 percent on the offensive to break Jake down and even before they dig into dinner, Gia's mom is already badgering our boy. Gia's mom even pulls Jake aside from the table to ask him point blank if he has really and truly fallen for four girls. Jake says he has, but also gives mom some good food for thought about his relationship with Gia specifically. By the end of the evening, she seems to be Jake's biggest fan. Gia has always been very realistic about how, although Jake may be falling for her, it's clear he's falling for other women just as hard but her mom says she has "intuition" that his feelings for Gia are different. Gia shows off her level-headedness (sooo not Bachelor-like) and says she doesn't want Jake to be in love with her yet; she just wants to know she stands out in his eyes. The funniest part is when Gia's brother tells Jake he'll break legs if he has to but even baby bro is won over by Jake in the end.

Next stop is the hometown date with Ali. As soon as he sees her, Jake is very vocal with Ali about how much he's missed her and seems more comfortable initiating physical contact with her, at least in comparison to Gia. On their last date, Jake and Ali were in her current home of San Francisco so, as Jake says, Ali has a little bit of an advantage at this point. Besides the routine family dinner, Ali takes Jake to her recently deceased grandmother's house. Speaking as someone who is also extremely close with her g-ma, it's really cute and very personal that Ali decides to show Jake the other house she grew up, even if it's hard to since her grandmother only recently passed away. Jake grasps the full emotional impact and after a relatively easy dinner with Ali's mom and siblings, the couple seems to be moving full steam ahead.

There are not a lot of bad things to say about Tenley but if I had nickel for every time she mentioned her ex-husband on this date ... well, everyone knows where I am going with this. Once Tenley's family comes into the picture, it's crystal clear exactly why that is. Tenley's entire family was heartbroken by her divorce and her heartbreak and therefore, Tenley's hometown date proves to be the most emotional. Tenley choreographs a special dance to show to Jake (since her ex-husband didn't appreciate her dancing before) and her dad is very frank with Jake about what kind of person he is and what kind of person he would be in a marriage. Tenley's mom even warns Jake her daughter still has a lot of emotions to overcome concerning her divorce. However, all the tears prove to be good tears and Tenley's dad even gives Jake his blessing to ask for Tenley's hand in marriage.

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