Private Practice Rundown: Episode 14, "Second Chances"

On last week's episode of Private Practice, Addison's petulant older brother Archer is really back! He saddles up alongside "Addie" on a tough medical procedure by day, then saddles up on top of Naomi by night. Heh. Meanwhile Violet is still pregnant, unsure of herself as future mother, and really unsure of whether the possible fathers will want a role in the child's life. That's OK, though, because this kid will be raised by Cooper, right? Well, that's what I'm hoping. Ready to chat about it? Just read more.

Right off the bat, Naomi needs someone to talk to about having sex with her best friend's brother, so since her best friend is not an option, she goes to her ex-husband. They're pretty cute at first as "friends" giving each other dating advice. But then things get a little . . .weird. I mean, Sam's girlfriend undresses for him while he's giving sex advice to Naomi and calling her an African queen on the phone. And when Naomi giddly asks if Sonya's naked, I was officially weirded out.

Speaking of being weirded out: How do you all feel about a woman giving birth to her own grandchild? I know the whole point of this show is to always have someone play devil's advocate (it's amazing how you can have a group of people who get along so well fall on the exact opposite side of any given issue every. single. time.), but really? Is there another side to giving birth to your own grandchild, or is that just strange? I know Naomi's goal is to get everyone who walks into her office preggers, but sheesh, lady, draw a line. Shouldn't they have called in some sort of ethics specialist or something? Maybe I'm being too judgmental. The whole plot is there to help Violet sort through her fears about being a mother anyway.

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