Bones 5.13 "The Dentist in the Ditch" Review

Two soldiers from a civil war re-enactment stumble upon a body during their feud. They argue about whether or not the body is a yankee or a confederate. Really that's what they argue about, I guess they must be used to seeing a skeleton in the middle of the re-enactment.

Cam, Dr. Brennan & Mr. Nigel-Murray are examining the remains when she screams for her life. Spiders come out of the remains and scare Cam. Apparently she doesn't really like spiders, which is great, neither do I. Dr. Brennan is not really bothered by spiders, is she not afraid of anything?

The victim is a dentist by the name of Dan Pineard. Lucas Pickford is Danny's contractor and is found in the house. He seems shocked to find out that he is dead. He informs Booth & Brennan that he & his ex Chris had a really bad breakup. They go to interview the victim's ex-boyfriend who tells them he worked two jobs to put Dr. Pineard through medical school and they broke up after he opened his own practice. Brennan finds an arrow head in a tree. Booth takes him in to be questioned. Mr. Nigel-Murray shouts out that he needs rhubard to clear the concrete from the remains. Wow, you learn something new everyday. Booth interviews Dr. Pineard's dental hygenist Grace Bryson. She claims that she got hepatitis-C from him during a procedure. He catches her in a lie. Yay, Booth's BS meter is spot on once again. Hodgins & Mr. Nigel-Murray determine that the victim played football. The coach assures them that no one had anything against Dan Pineard. Turns out that the dental hygenist, Grace Bryson, lives in the area where the victim was killed. The contractor Lucas Pickford killed Dan Pineard over paving stones. He claims it was self defense. Instead of calling 911, he let him bleed out.

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