Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 6, Episode 19 - Lessons

Picard, acted by Patrick Stewart, becomes enamored with Lt. Commander Nella Daren (actress Wendy Hughes), a Starfleet officer in Stellar Sciences, who shares his love of music. He is forced to send her on a dangerous mission because of her special expertise, and suffers incredible loss and pain when he hears, mistakenly, that she has died during the mission. Upon her safe return, Picard realizes that he is incapable of carrying out a relationship with someone under his command. He fulfills his duty to Cmdr. Daren and approves her request for a transfer. She leaves, but urges Picard not to give up playing the flute.

"Lessons" brings out of storage Picard's beloved Ressikan flute, which he learned to play during the critically acclaimed episode "The Inner Light". For this and additional episodes, Stewart had to actually learn to play the instrument.

A highlight of the episode is the duet with Picard on the flute, and Daren playing her keyboard (the actual performance you hear is one later compiled based on the theme).

Source: Wikipedia

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