Recap - Fringe 2.13 "The Bishop Revival"

The episode opens at a Jewish wedding. All the guests are seated and waiting for the ceremony to start. A mysterious young man wearing glasses is standing in the back like a creep, and nobody seems to know who he is. In another room, the groom, David, is trouble breathing. His friends think he is having a panic attack because he is nervous about getting married. In the main room, David's grandmother stands up and starts walking towards the bespectacled creep crying out, "It's him!" Then she starts choking and falls to the ground. The same thing starts happening to several of the other guests 'their faces are turning blue from lack of breath. The creep turns around and calmly walks away.

Olivia, Peter, and Walter arrive on the scene. Walter is reminiscing about his own wedding day and offers to let Peter borrow his purple tuxedo when he gets married. He asks if when that time comes, Agent Dunham will call him Dad, but Peter laughs it off. Walter begins to examine the bodies. There are 14 victims, all from the groom's family. Olivia notices the number tattooed on the forearm of David's grandmother and realizes that she was a Holocaust survivor. At first they assume that all the people who suffocated must have been poisoned by something they ate or drank. Olivia opens a door and the groom stumbles out gasping for air and clutching his inhaler.

Back in the lab, Walter is examining David on his table, bringing the victim count up to 15. He talks over the details of the case with Astrid, who notes that everyone who died was a descendant of Eliza Staller, the old woman who survived the Holocaust. Cutting into one of the bodies, they discover the blood is blue. Walter says that something was bonded to the hemoglobin in the blood that deprived the body of oxygen from the inside out. He suspects that David survived longer than his relatives because his inhaler weakened the toxin in their blood.

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