'The Amazing Race' Season 16, Episode 1' Recap: Oodles of noodles

When the race started months back, would you ever have imagined these would be the four teams remaining? You've got your brothers who can't drive stick (Dan and Jordan), the IQ-challenged pretty people (Brent and Caite), non-spring-chicken private investigators (Louie and Michael), and a pair of not-that-worldly cowboys (Jet and Cord). Okay, maybe you knew Jet and Cord would be in it until the end because they've basically rocked the race, but the rest of them? My hat is off to these underdogs, even Caite. Of course, there's hardly room for me to be impressed by Caite being the last woman standing because she's so irritatingly proud of herself. I'm flipping out that I'm the last girl standing, she said, before repeating that phrase several different ways throughout the first 15 minutes. Yes, yes, we get it. You U-turned Carol and Brandy and now you're the last woman. Bravo for making that decision purely on emotion and not on strategy. Way to go!

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