Interview with 'Survivor': Heroes vs. Villains' Jerri Manthey

Jerri Manthey is an introspective woman, on a dark life long odyssey of the soul.

From the first time we saw Jerri on Survivor: The Australian Outback, she was guardedly sarcastic; but even then you could sense a potential there. She complained at the time that her persona was the result of ratings-driven editing; but in Survivor: All Stars, while other players were trying to cement their reputations as strategists, she sought public redemption as a hero, and lost. She got booed out of the Reunion show.

Now, ten years after being labeled a black widow in The Australian Outback, Jerri has promised to accept her role as a villain. But in the terms of psychology that Jerri's public soul searching seems to invite, her acceptance of public scrutiny feels more like a breakthrough than a regression.

When I met up with Jerri at the Survivor 10th Anniversary Party she looked almost exactly the same, but she seemed much older. She talked me through the trials of maturing on national television, and she admitted that her portrayel in Australia was not just ratings-driven editing. We also discussed whether aggressive women can ever escape being labeled a villain.

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