'Smallville': Geoff Johns talks "Absolute Justice"

If you ever question the calibre of the Smallville writing team, remind yourself that Geoff Johns brought us "Legion" and the greatly anticipated "Absolute Justice" and heave a sigh of relief. Why, you ask? I do believe his resume speaks for itself...

A superstar writer for DC Comics, Johns previously penned "The Justice League of America," currently writes ongoing titles "Green Lantern" and "Adventure Comics," with a new series "Batman: Earth One" debuting later this year. Between these projects he squeezes in the writing of major events including "Blackest Night," its follow-up "Brightest Day," "The Flash: Rebirth," and "Superman: Secret Origin." Plus! (As if all that were not enough.) Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have him working on big screen adaptations of "The Flash" and "Shazam."

Knowing all this, I took him quite literally when he recently tweeted, "Sleep is for suckers."

And I think I speak for Smallville fans the world over when I say: We are oh so grateful for that attitude! After all, if not for his blatant disregard for sleep we might not have "Absolute Justice," nor his bi-monthly visit with CBR from whence come some marvelous tidbits this week.

With that in mind--WARNING! Spoilers ahead.

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