Recap Charmed: Season 3, Episode 9 - Coyote Piper

The picture says it all. The braces, the glasses, the acne. All that Piper Halliwell hated about high school is there on her yearbook picture, especially in the eyes. Prue and Leo look at it along with the other then and now photos of Piper's Class of 1990. It's Piper's 10-year reunion and she's not at all enthused about it.

Prue tried to explain why her middle sister has problems dealing with the upcoming reunion. Her references of Jan Brady go over the Whitelighter since his pop culture is more classic radio series and film. Piper is about to show them what she hopes to wear at the reunion and Prue is adamant about boosting her spirits. After all, she had a lot to overcome, her Charmed duties notwithstanding.

Piper comes down the stairs in a form fitting dress with low cleavage, feathery trim, fishnet stockings, plenty of make-up and a choker. Prue and Leo think she is "really really really" stunning. Almost flawless. Unfortunately, Piper doesn't think so. She feels ridiculous. She laughs about being voted "most likely to scare people away at the door" with bitter irony. She marches to the living room and grabs a tissue to remove some of the lipstick. Leo tries to comfort his beloved, wondering why she's taking this so personally.

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