Recap Charmed: Season 3, Episode 10 - We All Scream for Ice Cream

The P3 is packed this night. The beautiful people jam with the latest hot band and sweet seduction is in the air. Course, for some, this is not a good thing. Piper does the hide and peek, anxious about a particularly good-looking dude who's been looking at her for some time. Phoebe's amused by the attention. To her, it's not staring. It's flirting. Piper mutters about "You say tomato" and Phoebe tells her to "relax-o". He seems harmless, innocent, clean cut - the type of well-mannered boy who could desire some consensual corruption, if the moment's right. Piper reminds her kinky sister about Leo and how she has a nice serious relationship with him right now. Unlike her, she doesn't do the one night stand detail. Hell, she's not even gonna have a bachelorette party.

Prue comes rushing in, asking for professional help... from the DJ. Seems she has a tune in her head that she can't get out. Phoebe can sympathize, remembering the time she had the theme song from The Facts of Life playing in her mind for three years. Ignoring the joke, Prue hums a few bars to see if they know what it is. They draw a blank. In fact, Prue doesn't appreciate the crack Phoebe made about "putting a little oomph in it, add some choreography, and have Piper do her beat box bit". Switching to a serious subject, Phoebe gives her an invite from Justin to his family annual barbecue. Seems the lad is eager to introduce his high school crush and her sisters to the kin and see what happens. She and Piper want to go, but Prue mentions something about how the relationship is only at the flirtatious banter stage. Meeting the family would probably not be wise. Phoebe suspects something else, something involving her eldest sister's parental issues. Piper agrees, reasoning that she can't dodge seeing happy complete families forever and feel like she's the odd woman out because her family's a tad dysfunctional. Prue doesn't have time for the head shrink. What's in her head right is this damn annoying tune and the only cure for it is five minutes with the DJ.

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