Batman: The Brave and the Bold: "Revenge of the Reach!" Review Season 2, Episode 3

Although the characters in Batman: The Brave and the Bold have for the most part remained charmingly simple versions of DC's superheroes, Blue Beetle continues to be perhaps the only recurring cast member to undergo significant growth from episode to episode. In many ways, he's been the show's most important and central figure next to only Batman, having had both his origin and his legacy explored thoroughly in past episodes - not to mention the plethora of guest appearances he's enjoyed throughout the show's two seasons. "Revenge of the Reach" furthers the character's growth from starry-eyed rookie into a full-fledge hero worthy of sharing the stage with Batman, as Jaime Reyes deals with the frightening reality of his powers.

Like past Blue Beetle-centric episodes, the character works so well and is so instantly relatable in this adventure, it's enough to make you wonder why Warner Brothers didn't give him his own starring vehicle from the get-go. The only drawback to spending so much time on the character is that the episode's writers often forget to inject the exaggerated level of goofiness that has made this series so enjoyable to older audiences. At times, I was reminded this series is meant primarily for kids, and not just developmentally arrested adult superhero fans like myself.

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