The Cleveland Show: "Field of Streams" Review Episode 10

Feeling nostalgic, Cleveland tries to resurrect his old high school baseball team. After getting the funds to fix the field and bring back the team, he then turns his attention to turning his son into a baseball player. Unfortunately Cleveland Jr. would rather be part of the Math Club.

As a premise, the story idea might seem a bit lame, but the execution is exceptionally well done, and this episode is surprisingly one of the strongest we've seen to date. The random gags are placed perfectly here and some pretty catchy lines are uttered, including the one about wetting one's thigh and pocket contents.

Unlike other episodes that would rely on some terrible random musical as the first cutaway gag, here we're treated to a real gem, watching Cleveland and his partner beat up some random old women in purple wearing hats at the mall. It's completely absurd, but cleverly so, and not embarrassingly bad like some of the other gags we've seen. The old ladies in purple did set the tone for the rest of the episode though.

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