Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "The Deserter" Review Season 2, Episode 10

"The Deserter" was not as strong as the episode of The Clone Wars that immediately preceded it, but was still an interesting installment that I admire for taking another perspective on who the Clone Troopers are.

Picking up on the heels of "Grievous Intrigue", Obi-Wan, Rex, Cody and a team of Clones pursued Grievous, who had escaped to the surface of the planet below. I remain curious about Rex - he is not mentioned during Revenge of the Sith, despite being something of Anakin's right hand man on this series, so his fate too is a question mark, like Ahsoka. While I do think Rex may die before the end of the show, I certainly wasn't thinking of it currently, especially in an episode like "The Deserter" that Anakin isn't even in. All of which helped make it attention-getting when Rex was shot by a sniper early on in this episode.

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