New 2012 Banners See the world ending in glorious detail

As of today, there's 1211 days to go until the world ends, according to ancient Mayan predictions, on December 21st, 2012. Which is a sobering thought.

But why not take your mind off the impending apocalypse by feasting your eyes on these lovely in-cinema banners for Roland Emmerich's forthcoming disaster epic, 2012, which details what happens when the world ends, according to ancient Mayan predictions, on December 21st, 2012 oh.

Still, whether we're all headed for the big movie website in the sky or not, there's no doubt that these new pieces of artwork, given to us by those lovely people at Columbia Pictures, are eye-catching in the best possible way.

The trio of banners, coming soon to a cinema near you, show various landmarks of the world being utterly pummelled by Mother Nature. In the first, the iconic Christ The Redeemer statue, which towers above Rio de Janeiro, is in the middle of collapse, and about to ruin a nice day out for thousands of tourists.

The second is a snapshot of the by-now infamous sequence shown in the movie's trailer, where the supercarrier, the USS John F. Kennedy, is about to demolish the White House in Washington D.C., having been carried there on the mother of all tsunamis. (And if you're wondering about the size of the ship compared to the White House, that's pretty accurate the John F. Kennedy is about 1,000 feet long, compared to the White House's paltry 168ft length)

And the third shot is bad news for anybody living in LA because it shows the city on the verge of total destruction, as the San Andreas Fault rips a ginormous seam right down the middle of the sprawling mass.

Visually, it's all stunning stuff, and reinforces the notion that, when Emmerich's John Cusack-starring movie hits on, aptly, Friday 13 November, that it's going to be one heck of a feast for the eyeballs. Just remember to bring a survival kit to the cinema with you well, you never know.

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