Scrubs: "Our New Girl-Bro" Review Season 9, Episode 6

Well that's a lot more like it. I hate to say it, but even though he carried the show for eight seasons, maybe it's good that Zach Braff is gone. Don't get me wrong, John "J.D." Dorian is a memorable television character and his arc on Scrubs was funny and emotional and interesting. But he didn't exactly fit into this new version. So with him out of the way, the show can completely immerse itself in its new direction and concentrate on the rest of the cast. Which is exactly what they did this time out and why it was so much better than in weeks past.

First off, the big lesson at the end of the episode actually had some poignancy. I'd complained that in the episodes leading up to this one, the show had been missing some of the dramatic elements that had made it such an interesting sitcom. Well, they got it back this week, thanks to another original cast member, Sarah Chalke, whose character, Dr. Elliot Reed, returned to help Lucy learn that taking care of herself was the first step towards being able to take care of other people. Plus, it gave Elliot the chance to learn about Lucy's own brand of craziness firsthand, like when she accidentally switched her friend's bachelorette photos with ones for a presentation by Dr. Turk. Lucy's predicament was a bit more risque than when the kids switched a Scooby-Doo poster for Mike's architectural plans on The Brady Bunch so many years ago, but the joke still worked.

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