Breaking Bad: "Fly" Review Season 3, Episode 10

"Fly" is going to stick out like a sore thumb in the catalog of Breaking Bad episodes. There was no action. Each episode of Season 3 to this point dealt with a multitude of problems with multiple characters. And yet, here we have "Fly," contained almost entirely in the meth lab, dealing exclusively with Walt and Jesse's relationship and with an elephant (or fly) in the room. The director Rian Johnson (Brick) didn't even try to hide how different this episode was, making the first 15 minutes of the episode a slapstick fest with Walt hilariously falling from the second level onto one of the big cylinders.

And it was. Different. "Fly" was different. The directing was different, the dialogue was different, and the input from the characters was different. Indeed, it was a "bottle" episode, an episode where the creative team puts together an episode that's contained in an already-built set with a few characters to save on money lost earlier or later in the season. Adjust your standards accordingly, but "Fly" was very good. Entirely self-contained except for the brief moment when Walt (Bryan Cranston) warned Jesse about stealing the product, "Fly" gave us a good 40 minutes of a wider-scope look at the series and at characters Walt and Jesse.

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