Recap Angel: Season 2, Episode 18 - Dead End

Lindsey McDonald wakes up and goes about his daily routine of getting washed, affixing his prosthetic arm and getting ready for work. As he removes a shirt with a pre-knotted tie from his wardrobe he cannot help but look at his guitar, now lonely and unplayed. Meanwhile a man and his family go about their morning business before the wife and kids rush off to their destinations. The man follows moments later, picks up a large kitchen knife and jolts about violently. Cordelia gets a nasty vision about the man that sends her flying about the hotel, landing on the floor in tears. After she recovers, she says she saw a man who stabbed himself in the eye. The guys split up to call hospitals, check out morgues and the streets for any information on the guy from Cordy's vision.

Lindsey and Lilah speak with their boss, Nathan Reed, about their upcoming reevaluation. Later, Nathan privately tells Lindsey that he made a surprise doctor's appointment for him. At the Fairfield Clinic, Lindsey learns from the doctor that Wolfram & Hart has arranged for him to get a new, live hand. During the procedure, a Pockla demon is brought in to perform a brief ritual and complete the attachment of the hand to Lindsey, leaving only a little scar. The next day, Lindsey wakes up, enjoying his new hand. While getting ready, he notices his guitar again, but this time picks it up and plays. Later at the office, Lilah notices Lindsey's new hand and grows very nervous about her job since Wolfram & Hart spent so much money on her "partner." While the two lawyers meet with a client, Lindsey's new hand repeatedly writes the word "kill" on a legal pad.

At the office, Angel has a wide assortment of food delivered as he wanted to get food for Cordelia but didn't want to bother her by asking what she wanted. She appreciates it and as she leaves, she remembers from her vision that the man was happy about his eye before he stabbed it. Wesley and Gunn discover the man, Joseph Kramer, was transferred overseas. Having reached a dead end, the gang is forced to go to Caritas. On stage, they are shocked and impressed to find Lindsey singing and playing guitar with the audience completely mesmerized... but they're not under any kind of spell, he's just that good. The Host informs them that Lindsey and Angel need to work together to solve the case, but Angel and Lindsey are completely opposed to the idea.

Based on the fact that Lindsey got a new hand and Kramer a new eye, it's concluded that somewhere body part transplants are being done. At Wolfram & Hart, Lindsey sneaks into Nathan's office to look up information on Fairfield Clinic, where he got the transplant. He later spots Lilah stealing files. Angel discovers information on Lindsey's hand, finding that it belonged to a Bradley Scott, an employee of Wolfram & Hart. Lindsey visits a parole officer for information about the clinic, but the man gets violent when Lindsey doesn't know the code. Before the man can shoot Lindsey in the head, Angel arrives and saves him. Holding the officer by a rope around his neck, Angel demands information.

Wesley and Gunn worry about Cordelia as she seems to be suffering from the visions for as long as the problem remains. Angel and Lindsey head for a building as Angel confirms their location with the parole officer tied up in the trunk. Angel and Lindsey take care of the security guards inside then they head downstairs through a trap door to the place where the body parts are harvested. Lindsey spots Bradley Scott (the former owner of Lindsey's new hand) muttering 'kill'. Lindsey asks who he wants him to kill, and Bradley responds with a simple "kill me". It's decided to save those still fully intact and kill the rest before the building is blown up. At Wolfram & Hart, Lindsey takes full advantage of his new "evil" hand, shooting a security guard, firing shots at Nathan, and even copping a feel on Lilah. He knows he was the one chosen to take over, but he suggests Lilah take the job as he's got other issues to deal with. Lindsey encounters Angel outside by his truck and reluctantly talks to him, telling Angel he's leaving L.A. for good. Angel sees his old rival off, but not before getting in a final dig at him - he secretly sticks a sign to the back of Lindsey's truck with the words "COPS SUCK."

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