'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': No More Marquess of Queensbury Rules

Parvati Shallow may be the best Survivor player of all time. Don't insult her by suggesting that she's just succesful because she bats her eyelashes or wiggles her hips. Even prettier girls than Parvati have played that strategy and gotten voted off early on.

Coach came much closer when he said that Parvati makes people light up when she talks to them. We often talk about "chemistry" as though it could easily exist between any two people. But Parvati would have free and easy chemistry with a lamp post.

Fans may call Russell a troll, but she obviously makes him feel like Robert Pattinson. Fans were probably gagging watching her roll all over him and giggle. But feeding Russell's ego is the best way to control him. In my observation, girls like Amanda are just as loyal to Parvati as the guys are because she knows how to make them feel special too. Everyone is special to Parvati!

Except possibly Jerri, that "bitter old cougar" "Fakee McGee" who wants to punch her in the face. And Coach, who has never been manipulated by a flirtatious player. The two of them have truly become Survivor's new defenders of justice. Coach's Martin Luther King decleration was worthy of Friday Night Light's Coach Taylor.

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