Aaron Paul on the Finale to 'Breaking Bad's' Intense Season

One of the things you may not have known about Aaron Paul is that he's a spoiler-phobe.

The 'Breaking Bad' star, who plays Jesse Pinkman, the impetuous partner in meth of Walter White (Bryan Cranston), doesn't even like being spoiled when he's reading the scripts from his own show.

"When I'm reading a script, sometimes I'll hear what happens at the end of the script before I get to it," he told me earlier this week. "For example, (with) the finale, I heard about that before (I finished the script). And I was like, 'ah, no!' I wish I didn't know so it could be a shock, just like everyone else was going to be shocked."

The AMC show's super-intense third season, which concludes Sunday, June 13 at 10PM ET, has taken viewers on an incredible ride that has included high action, deep character introspection, and palpable claustrophobia. And Paul has been a large part of that, leading to speculation that he's in strong lead actor Emmy contention, despite yet another remarkable performance by Cranston, who's won the last two years in a row.

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