'Burn Notice' - 'Fast Friends' Recap Season 4, Episode 2

If there's one thing you have to love about Michael Westen it's that he goes into trouble with his eyes wide open. Oh, yes, he plans and takes precautions, but for the most part, the fearlessness of Michael is just the quality that makes him a hero worth watching. With the addition of Jesse Porter, the counter-intelligence op whom Michael inadvertently burned in last week's episode, we get to see another guy cut from the same cloth. This should prove to be a very interesting story arc ...

Jesse isn't the only new man in the mix. Michael is definitely working with Vaughn (Robert Wisdom), although Vaughn thinks Michael's working for him. That difference in prepositions could become a problem, but for now they're getting along all right. Michael got Vaughn to let him handle the Jesse situation in the Westen way. If it had been Vaughn's call, Jesse would be in the Martha Stewart suite where Michael came to in last week.

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