Doctor Who: "Flesh and Stone" Season 5, Episode 5 Review

Steven Moffat, you bastard. How dare you break the first rule of Doctor Who? The one that explicitly states the second half of a two-parter must, invariably, be inferior to the first. And, how dare you break it when the first half, in this case last week's 'The Time of Angels', was one of the finest episodes of Doctor Who since the series made a comeback in 2005? Well, anyway, we kind of wish we hadn't been so generous with the score last time around. Unless we could actually get away with turning things up to 11.

Which is pretty much exactly what Moffat did with 'Flesh and Stone'. When we last left our plucky heroes, the Doctor and Amy were attempting to neutralise the threat of marauding stone statues with a propensity to do nasty things to people when they're not looking. As we rejoined the gang, they were hanging upside down on the hull of crashed Galaxy Class starliner the Byzantium which, if nothing else, gave way to one of the fanciest tracking shots we've ever seen on TV. If there's one thing that's defined this new series of Doctor Who so far, it's its sheer cinematic bravado, and the show's looked nothing but stunning this year.

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