Miami Medical - Review

Should CBS be concerned that "Trauma" -- developed from virtually the same petri dish as the Eye network's new drama, "Miami Medical" -- flatlined at NBC? Probably not, though the rejection of CBS' transplant show "Three Rivers" might raise more serious concerns. Assessed on its own, this new show about trauma docs -- adept at treating patients during "the golden hour," those first moments after a serious mishap -- has more in common with Jerry Bruckheimer's crime procedurals than with medical fare, from the crackling visual style to the casting. Slickness alone, however, seems like a poor prescription for securing primetime longevity.

"Medical's" foremost asset, actually, is the quality of its cast, although hiding "Swingtown's" Anna Parrilla behind scrubs, a surgical mask and "What's his blood pressure?" dialogue might be the equivalent of putting a race-car driver behind the wheel of a minivan.

The producers (the series was created by Jeffrey Lieber) don't scrimp on the emotional manipulation, as the premiere features a pregnant woman injured in a spectacular crash, with a "B" plot about reattaching a severed hand. Tellingly, a second hour made available for preview opens with a chaotic shooting, placing the series squarely on "CSI's" turf -- only here, the victim actually has a shot at pulling through.

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