Bones: Will Zooey Deschanel Return?

Seeing how a double shot of Deschanels gave a boost to the ratings of Bones, it's not hard to imagine Zooey Deschanel returning to the procedural drama in the future. Last week's episode, "The Goop on the Girl," featured a guest appearance by Emily Deschanel's sister as Brennan's cousin Margaret--- which attracted 10.8 million viewers according to Nielsen's estimates.

"We'd love to have you back any time," Emily Deschanel tells sister Zooey, who was quite unsure if she's ever going to return on Bones, in an interview with journalists. "I think it is open-ended and it's open-ended for a reason. It took us five seasons to figure out when Zooey could come on the show so it may take another five seasons for her to come back!"

"We're so happy it worked out. It was something we have been trying to do from the beginning, it's just scheduling that is hard," added the Bones star, referring to the years of fans' pleading to get her and Zooey on the same screen.

For now, though, Emily and Zooey, who is mostly busy with movie projects, including the upcoming comedy Your Highness, are content at doing their own thing as it gives them the chance to be admire each other's work.

"We don't have anything lined up. Besides this experience, we have our own relationship that has nothing to do with business," the Bones star said. "We can be supportive but we don't have to work together."

"It was so much fun to do Bones, but in a lot of ways it's just nice that I can stand back and see Emily and be proud of her without having to be in business. I just feel like it makes more sense for us to both have our own things that we do," Zooey added.

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