Friday Night Lights: "In the Bag" Review Season 4, Episode 7

This episode certainly had its ups and downs. There were some strong, poignant moments, but there were others that felt uncharacteristically false for this show including the off screen character assassination of two original Friday Night Lights characters.

The material with Vince and Luke was very good. After someone reported a gun in Vince's locker (and I hope the show doesn't ignore the question of who that might have been), and even though no gun was found, Eric was concerned, knowing Vince's history. Vince was made quarterback in this episode, and his mother came to thank Eric, in a nice scene that showed how much she loved her son, when she's actually coherent and able to express herself.

Vince was very resistant to Eric's attempts to make sure things were okay, harshly, yet effectively, asking, "If I break my ankle, you still going to come and check on me?", letting Coach know he doubted he really cared about him. But look, how can you resist Eric Taylor's awesomeness? You can't, and eventually Vince came around and showed up at the Taylors late at night, handing the gun over to Eric who told Tami he was going to make it disappear.

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