Lost: Hurley's Best Moments

Hugo Hurley Reyes isn't as devious as Ben, or badass like Sayid. Sure, he may not share Jack's skills as a leader or Sawyer's rugged good looks. But he's a good-hearted gentleman, eager to help and, of course, he's also slowly going crazy.

Let's face it, Hurley isn't the quintessential hero but he often provides a unique perspective and amidst all the subterfuge, betrayal and violence he can always be counted upon to deliver an unexpected observation or some much needed comic relief.

Dudes, just sit back, relax and refresh yourselves with some of Hurley's better moments over the first five seasons of Lost.

Of course, they can't all be winners. We love Hurley, but there were a few moments we spent with him that were not among his or Lost's finest - which is why you'll also see a short "Hurley's Worst Moments" section at the end of this piece.

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