A Broke Jon Gosselin Can't Pay His Bills?

Having lost to TLC in his lawsuit and forced to cease making media appearances, Jon Gosselin is facing several financial problems. Or so a source tells FOX 411 News. The report claims that the Jon and Kate Plus 8 star suffered a blow to his means of livelihood, especially since his show's been canceled.

The only way he would be able to keep up his bank account was to win against the network, and he failed to do so. "Jon's in pretty serious financial trouble because his plan for making money was shut down in court," the insider told the publication.

The source went on: "He has warned his lawyers that he can't pay them and if he doesn't succeed against TLC, he will have no funds. He's even gone so far as to say that if they want to be paid, they will have to sue him."

With that ironic twist of fate, it sounds as though Jon Gosselin is going to be deep in debt as the new year rolls around. The insider revealed that his bills have been piling up and yet the reality TV dad isn't making any moves to pay for them. That is, he hasn't thought of getting an actual job.

It may be because his lawyers have deluded him into thinking he still has some cash in the bank. The Gosselin dad's representatives released a statement denying any financial problems for their client.

"Jon Gosselin's New York lawyer has the highest regard for Jon Gosselin and will continue to work for Jon for as long as he requires their services," the rep explained. "The Hellers have no concern relevant to being paid by Jon for their services and see no circumstances under which they would ever sue Jon."

Jon's legal party seems to persist in believing in him, something many would find questionable. The statement continues, "This past year, Jon Gosselin was the most photographed man in America and appeared in more magazines than any other reality TV star. Wherever he goes, there is an outpouring of love for him from his fans. And there is no doubt that he has a bright and shining career ahead of him."

Well, they would certainly hope so. In any case, maybe it really is time for the Jon and Kate Plus 8 star to stop relying on television for his salary. Even without thinking of money, his constant media appearances don't seem to be working out for his reputation at all.

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