'V' - 'Fruition' Recap Episode 11

Ooh, that Anna. She's one evil alien queen mom. But I can see how she'd be that way, since the Visitors aren't born with human emotions, from what I understand. Still, she's soooo sickly sweet during her little press conferences, then she turns around and smacks poor Lisa around. Even if you don't have human emotions, you should know that's just not right. But then, being right isn't Anna's main priority.

Things are getting interesting now that Erica's coming at things from several angles. She's on the task force to investigate and bring down the Fifth Column, she's involved WITH the Fifth Column, and now she knows that Lisa is a V and that Anna worked her over. It won't be long before she gains Lisa's trust.

I wish Lisa had trusted her instincts and not picked Parker out of the lineup as one of the thugs who beat her up. But that would have taken some strength with Anna standing on one side of her and Erica on the other. But I have faith that Lisa will start to trust and work with Erica soon. Next week is the finale, so maybe there will be a major shift by the end of the season.

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