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I don't know about you guys, but I found last night's Top Chef elimination kind of surprising.

While every time that Fabio opens his mouth and says something like:

"I'm 30 years old and I have to sleep in the bunky bed."


"There is no reason to eat vegetables when there's meat and fish around."


"If they're going to give me monkey ass to fill with fried bananas, I'll come up with something." adds infinite entertainment value to the program, I can't help but feeling like Fabio's ship has sailed. The man has been sliding by week after week, and I am beginning to think the show is intentionally keeping him around purely for his entertainment value.

I completely disagreed with last night's elimination. Jeff was definitely in my list to make it to the end...

So, now that he's not here, who do you think will make the Final 4? The Final 2? We have remaining: Stefan, Josea, Carla, Leah, Jamie and Fabio. Make your predictions.

Also, check out People Magazine's interview with Jeff.

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Jan 29, 2009 3:31PM EST

I loved Fabio's quotes last night! Well noted. I think Fabio was partly kept because he's entertaining, and the judges may have told the guest judge (who, wow, hated Fabio's attitude and cute remarks), that Fabio was way more viewer-friendly than Jeff. But I also think Jeff was very scatter-brained last night and could definitely see where he floundered enough to deserve to go home, though I really think Carla should've gone first. So I'd say with this line-up, if nothing goes terribly wrong like it tends to often for contestants like Jeff, we'll see Carla and Fabio go next.
My guess at the final 3 would've been Stefan, Josea, and Jeff, but now I'd say Stefan, maybe Josea if he steps it up, and maybe Jamie.

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Jan 29, 2009 3:32PM EST

Jeff has been going downhill lately as well, not just Fabio.
as for final 4?StefanJamieHoseaCarla (better her then Leah or Fabio)

also, is it just me or does Leah have no emotion?

Large newrachelimage
Jan 29, 2009 3:38PM EST

@HarvieI agree Jeff has had his issues as well, but Fabio has not had a strong week since the near-beginning and Jeff has had a few really good ones and in my opinion has demonstrated overall more potential. This was my rationale.
And...Leah does indeed seem drugged!

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Jan 29, 2009 6:19PM EST

Leah and Jeff came out with some emtionless, strung-out dribble.
I'd like: Stefan, Hosea, Jamie and Fabio to be in the final.
To win, I'd say Jamie. She's constantly been great throughout the compeptition. As for Stefan, he has the talent but his ego will hold him back from winning. Hosea's the kinda guy who'll pull something lucky out of the bag in the last second and do something amazing but there's not enough luck in the world to compete with real skill and talent. As for Fabio, he's a fantastic Italian chef, but he struggles with being put on the spot and trying to create food that isn't set or he hasn't made 100 times over. A thing that some of the other chefs excel at.

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Feb 4, 2009 3:58AM EST

Fabio was totally hilarious in this episode!For the final three I would have to say Stefan, Jamie and Hosea. I actually thought that Jeff was right to go home, though you have to give him props for trying to do a lot and mixing a lot of flavors in. Although, time and time again he said he learned that not overloading can pay off too. But he just always tries to do something so complicated that its just overkill. And Fabio just needs to stop trying to learn something new with each dish and go with what works sometimes because he really is faltering.Leah just I don't think she is there half the time, I think she just pulls half of her dishes from the other end bc when asked about it she's like. "I dunno I put it in there bc I like bacon," ugh give me a break.And Carla is good with desserts and she's totally quirky but its better than Leah at least.
To win also I would have to go with Jamie(and yay with the SF props this eppy!), but I'm probably the only one that loves Stefan. He cooks good food and although he's a cocky SOB and doesn't listen to anyone I would definitely want to eat his food. :)

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