'Archer' - 'Skytanic' Recap Episode 7

In this kind of, sort of action-packed episode of 'Archer,' the screwed-up relationships between characters really picked up speed. Drama is always heightened when you're stuck with your ex and your unfaithful current beau in a ticking time bomb of a blimp -- er, rigid airship.

It will be interesting to see how much longer they can go on without addressing Cyril's affair with Cheryl/Carol/what's-her-face. The show is only set to run for ten episodes, so it's not unimaginable that they could leave the big reveal for the final episode. And we can assume it will be big because we all saw what Lana did even when Archer and Cyril were just training together.

The Excelsior promo was fantastic in all its mid-century cheesy glory. It did further confuse me as to the 'Archer' time period though. Obviously this ad was meant to be new but it looked super-60s, but the pop culture references through the series are occasionally from the naughts (I must refer to "the Dane Cook of martial arts"). Of course, the entire world surrounding this animated series is ridiculous enough that the continuity regarding the time period isn't a huge issue and actually becomes a bit of a joke itself. I can dig it.

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