Director Vincenzo Natali on his new horror film 'Splice'

If you're surprised that you haven't heard more from director Vincenzo Natali since he made a splash with his low-budget 1998 horror movie Cube, then you're not alone. 'I'm surprised too, believe me,' laughs the Canadian filmmaker. 'But I never found anything in Hollywood that I really wanted to do. Or the things I did find, no one else wanted to make. Maybe I have too much integrity - or I'm just bad at selling out! So I just kept working on little independent films.'

Natali also kept working on another horror film, Splice, which he first began writing in the late '90s and which Warner Bros. is finally releasing this Friday after what the director describes as -a very slow and - I have to say - painful birth.'

Those gestation problems are appropriate, given the movie's subject matter. The Canadian-French co-production stars Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody as a a pair of scientists who 'grow' a creature called Dren from both human and animal DNA. The consequences of their actions are both horrific and, in one unforgettable scene, decidedly erotic as the adult Dren (played by French actress Delphine Chaneac) and Brody make like the birds and the bees (maybe literally, given the potpourri nature of Dren's DNA).' That scene was the reason I wanted to make the film,' says Natali. 'And that's why it's such a miracle this film exists. No studio wanted to make it, because of sexual part of the story. So we had to go to France. And the French, of course, had no problem with it.'

After the jump, Natali talks more about creating Dren, what it was like working with legendary producer Joel Silver, and how he came to make the 'dullest' Terry Gilliam documentary of all-time.

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