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Could the Arrested Development Movie Be Bad?

Now that Michael Cera has signed on for the film, we should be ecstatic that it's that much closer to being a reality, right?

I am just as excited for the next person for the AD film and will be first in line to see it no matter what, but I thought that VideoGum raises some interesting points with this article:

5 Reasons the Arrested Development Movie Might Be Bad, No Offense

You can read their longer rationale by clicking through, but the major 5 reasons are:

5. Trying Too Hard

4. Detracting From The Legacy

3. Relying Too Much On The Past

2. A Rare Miss, Arrested Development

1. Historical Precedent

So what do you think? No way, Jose, the movie will be nothing but fantastic...or do you share some of their concerns?


Default avatar cat
Feb 25, 2009 6:10PM EST
They're going to have to write it for a larger audience, ie. people who either didn't watch or don't remember AD. Also 30min comedies usually don't translate that well to a full movie length. So it'll be funny, but less so than the show.
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