'Bachelor Pad' Recap: So-Called 'Strategy' Kills the 'So Bad It's Good' Magic

OK, let's cut right to the chase, because after those two hours of Bachelor Pad, the last thing you need is for me to waste MORE of your time. Tonight's episode was the WORST! So much ... what's the word ... THINKING!

When I made a promise to myself that I would enjoy the pure summer fun of Bachelor Pad to its fullest, on this blog, with all of you, my special Bachelor Pad buddies, did I think I was signing on for two painful hours of vodka-soaked psychobabble about "outsiders" and "alliances"? NO! I thought I was in for a series of PG sex scenes, ridiculously irrelevant "challenges" that test basic human brain functions, and a constant stream of hilarious English-language-butchering through the mouths of people who once thought that finding love on TV was a good idea and whose ideas just got worse from there. Those people don't need teams and strategies and alliances to be entertaining--in fact, they need just the opposite. Don't you see that forcing them to think goes against their inherent nature, and if they're busy thinking, they're NOT busy NOT thinking, and thus NOT making terrible televised choices?

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