First Official 'Gossip Girl' Season 3 Poster - Featured

The CW has released a promotional poster of "Gossip Girl" season 3 which is tame enough compared to last season's. It puts all the seven main characters in party outfits with no tags on. Last year, the CW show brought seductive close shots of the cast featuring critical review taglines such as "Every Parent's Nightmare".

"Gossip Girl" begins its third season on September 14, switching time slot with "One Tree Hill" at 9/8c. Blair, Nate, Vanessa and the others have all graduated from high schools and are about to enter the world of college. Chuck, in exception, chooses to run his father's business empire while continues dating Blair.

On another news, the show has found an actress to play Vanessa's mom. Gina Torres will take the role of Gabriela Abrams who is a "free spirit" living "off the grid" in Vermont. She is featured in two episodes, having a strong opinion about her daughter who is about to enroll at New York University.

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Default avatar cat
Aug 20, 2009 3:12PM EDT

yah yah yah!! i'm so excited for gossip girl to come back on!i think this poster is a little boring for the show though. the ones last year definitely fit the show better - they all live scandalous lives ya know - not ones where they lounge on part chairs in strangely empty rooms. :)

Default avatar cat
Aug 23, 2009 2:38PM EDT

That looks pretty normal, no new charms

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