Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season 2, Episode 12: "Gorillas in our Midst!" Review

"Gorillas in Our Midst" took a sharp left turn from the direction taken by the darker, more mature "Chill of the Night," but the change was mostly welcome. As much as I loved last week's brilliant episode, I certainly didn't want Batman: The Brave and the Bold to abandon its goofy, high energy ways in favor of more conventional grim and gritty Batman tales. "Gorillas in Our Midst" was a return to form for the show, and its all-star team-up of Gorilla Grodd, Monsieur Mallah and the Gorilla Boss vs. Batman, B'wana Beast, Detective Chimp and Vixen had all the makings of another awesomely silly adventure. If only the episode had done more with its fun premise.

The episode fell short in a few regards, and in general failed to live up to the somewhat similarly themed and plotted "Menace of the Conqueror Caveman," the season one gem in which Krull the Conqueror attempted to turn all humans into Neanderthals. I expected more out of this unholy trinity of Gorilla baddies, and it was sad to see the triumvirate's name, G.A.S.P. (Gorillas and Apes Seizing Power), earn a bigger laugh than most of their actual lines or actions. I was likewise disappointed to see the episode not go further with Gorilla Grodd's envy of Batman's fashion, as the exchange regarding Grodd's belt was great. As far as other story aspects that missed the mark, the romantic subplot involving B'wana and Vixen also fell rather flat, and only really managed to steal screen time from the always amusing Batman/Detective Chimp dynamic.

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