'Daisy of Love' Final 3: Will London's Bridge Tumble Down?

After her Rock of Love heartbreak with Bret Michaels, Daisy de la Hoya moved on with her own VH1 series Daisy of Love. It wasn't long before she went through the arduous process of dating several men and picking out her three favorites. Of course, there can only be one among them.

On this Sunday's finale, we'll get to find out which among the guys competing for Daisy's affections will triumph. Now though, we can try to list down the pros and cons each of them has to offer the reality star. For no reason at all, let's begin with the musically inclined London.

The 30-year-old lead singer of the band known as "The Party Death," Joshua Lee aka London stirred things up on Daisy of Love when he returned after leaving. He was all set on letting Daisy know how he really felt about her, no matter what it took.

Obviously, Daisy was into the guy. But in the last episode it was revealed that London still had a girl back home, who he'd immediately go to once he gets eliminated from Daisy of Love. It's not a very appealing plan, though.

Still, he's a rock star who won't go down without a fight. Knowing he can get booted from Daisy of Love any minute, London promised to do his best to win the girl over. Since he's not the type of person who'll let things slip away, he'll surely do anything for Daisy.

He even says so on his MySpace page. "I live for the moment. I'm not gonna live according to the social standard just to wake up one day and find I got nothing to show for it except regret. I may not succeed at what I'm attempting but when I'm done here.. I'll have loved every minute of it and I'll never have to ask myself "what if...?""

As for the downside, let's hear it in Daisy de la Hoya's own words: "London is a homeless sex addict who my psychic thinks is perfect for me. Go figure!"

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