The Girls Next Door: Holly Madison "In Love" with New 5-Bedroom Pad

When you can't sneak into the Playboy mansion anymore, you do the next best thing. For The Girls Next Door star Holly Madison, that means buying a bachelorette pad for herself. But it does get better: her new place is situated appropriately in Las Vegas.

According to E! Online, the 30-year-old Playboy model has just purchased a new place in Sin City. Since living in Los Angeles didn't suit her anymore, she decided to move to a home closer to where she works.

During the California Entertainer of the Year Heel Hate fashion benefit for the Matthew Shepard Foundation and the NOH8 Campaign, the reality TV celebrity expressed how happy she was about her new digs. With the numerous features it has, who wouldn't be?

"I'm in love with it!" Holly Madison exclaimed. "I have a sauna and a hot tub."

She also added that there's space in the place for some company. These days though, Madison has been spending the most time with her beloved pets.

"What I love most is the pool and the outdoors," she declared. "I've been living with my dogs in a hotel for the last six months, and they've been itching for an outdoors."

Still, there are just some things that a Vegas pad can't replace. The Girls Next Door star admitted that she still misses the Playboy mansion, especially the wildlife.

"I miss the animals and the zoo. I want them back," she said. "And there were a lot of people in the Mansion who were like family and stuff, but I'm really happy being on my own and doing my own thing now."

Holly certainly is getting a firm grasp on her independence, which in a way means she's not looking for romance anytime soon. It's all about Peepshow and the upcoming series Holly's World for this girl.

"Vegas is actually a very, very small town, which I love, but I feel like I know all the guys there, so I definitely don't date locally," Holly explained. "I don't have a lot of time for dating anyway. I'm single, happy and focusing on work."

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