James Roday Talks The Darker Turn 'Psych's' Fourth Season Finale Takes - Starpulse

"I don't want to pull the rug out from under our fans every week and slap them in the face with stuff, but this was the season finale, and it was the long-awaited return of Mr. Yang. Yeah, we kind of wanted to load in with as much stuff as we could. That's a fun way to end the season, I think," Psych's James Roday starts when discussing tonight's finale episode, "Mr. Yin." And for Roday, the airing comes with a lot at stake. Not only is he the star of the show but he directed the noir-style episode, an homage to famed (and one of his favorites) director Alfred Hitchcock, as well.

"[Psycho] is the original jaw dropping twist [film] that sort of set everything else in motion. I love that movie; Anthony Perkins is fantastic, and it is shot amazingly. Yeah, that would be my number one!" Roday, talks about not only his favorite Hitchcock film but his favorite scary movie in general. Therefore, he was super psyched (please excuse the bad pun) about the 82nd Academy Awards featuring not only his series guest star Ally Sheedy in a John Hughes tribute but also a horror film montage tribute.

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