Nigel Barker Thinks 'America's Next Top Model' Gets "Bigger and Brighter"

With the success of Cycle 13 looming in our minds thanks to Nicole and Laura, we have high expectations for the next installment of America's Next Top Model. Luckily, series judge and acclaimed photographer Nigel Barker is around to assure us not to worry. The upcoming season will certainly give us plenty to smile about.

Talking to ePhotoZine about the show, Nigel Barker expressed how thrilled he was to be working on the CW show again. Other than that, he's keeping himself busy with his business, documentaries, and his new book on beauty.

First of all though, he says that America's Next Top Model is doing better than ever. "It's number one show on Channel 11 in the USA and it's getting bigger and brighter all of the time," Nigel Barker exclaimed.

He went on to talk about the developments regarding Cycle 14, and confirmed the involvement of a new judge on the competition. "We've just signed up a new judge called Andre Leon Talley who is the American editor-at-large for Vogue magazine. Which is a big deal for us. To have someone as important as him in the fashion industry on board further cements our place in the fashion industry," he said.

Nigel Barker also discussed the supposed difficulties they had last season, when he had to shoot short models for photos. The thing is, it wasn't hard at all.

"It can be difficult sometimes from a stylist's perspective but as a photographer you don't think: "Oh, I can't photograph you because you're short." I mean, most people aren't model height and you'd be out of work if you couldn't photograph someone who wasn't five foot nine," the Top Model judge explained.

"Size isn't an issue and that's one of the reasons why we did it because, up until now, you had to be above five foot seven and these shorter girls were excluded and it didn't make sense,"

But it really is time to move on from that, and one of the projects that Nigel Barker is busy with is his book. He announced, "Right now, we are completing a book on beauty which is due out in the Fall with Abrams the publisher. It's a book that looks at beauty from a different perspective."

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