SONS OF ANARCHY (FX) ''Oiled'' Review

Oiled, the second episode of SONS OF ANARCHY season 3, is a come down from the adrenaline high of the season premiere. While So was pure tension building set up, Oiled gives us a respite in favour of exposition.

Investigating the drive-by shooting, the Sons visit the shooter in hospital. Jax's impromptu face job has left him with a wired jaw, but Jax looks for - and finds - a lip tattoo, which leads them to a small MC in Lodi. They're being patched over by the Mayans and the drive-by was an initiation rite. The reason for all this? The Mayans want to route heroin through Charming, which means taking out SAMCRO. This worries the Sons; they're not strong enough to withstand another war so soon. Can they convince Mayan leader Alvarez to take a step back?

Meanwhile, the True IRA are unhappy with Cameron for nearly ruining their longstanding deal with SAMCRO and getting them into general hot water. Father Ashby, a priest and Cameron's cousin, appears to try to help him, but it's Ashby who facilitates Cameron's murder at the end of the episode. Maureen, Ashby's sister, has been looking after Jax and will, presumably, continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

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