COVERT AFFAIRS ''I Can't Quit You Baby'' Review Episode 10

Last night COVERT AFFAIRS aired two episodes back to back as a two hour season finale. The first episode was called I Can't Quit You, Baby and in it Annie is sent deep undercover as herself. Armed with basically nothing more than a regular cell phone, she goes in as a woman working for the Smithsonian who has a gambling problem. All so that she could get in trouble and get recruited by a group who uses people to smuggle goods into the US. It works, but along the way Annie discovers that the woman doing the recruiting is being used herself and then Annie makes it part of her job to help get the girl out of the mess.

My favorite bits...

Joan referring to Wilcox as a dangerous old winbag. LOL.

Auggie calling Annie a masochist for agreeing to host a field trip with 30 kids.

Anna Chlumsky as Vivian.

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