She's Out of My League - Review

If you're hungry to see a romantic comedy about a genetically and culturally imbalanced geek-meets-babe relationship that makes the one in Knocked Up look like the quintessence of plausible human mating, then by all means subject yourself to the one-joke sub-Judd Apatow snark-athon that is She's Out of My League. Kirk (Jay Baruchel), a boyish, awkward dork, has a nervous, fumbling manner, a chest as flat as an ironing board, and a voice that's a honking, sniveling irritant; he's like the son of Gilbert Gottfried crossed with a depressed snail. Molly (Alice Eve), who's gorgeous, pert, shapely, intelligent, and free of any nasty or judgmental thoughts, is like Ann-Margret playing a very liberal nun. She is, in other words, the film's adolescent fantasy of what a perfect girl should be.

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