COVERT AFFAIRS ''When the Levee Breaks'' Review Episode 11

This episode called When the Levee Breaks, it opens when Ben marches back into the arms of the CIA. Turns out that he originally walked out on the Agency after meeting Annie and realizing that some of the things he was doing were wrong. No longer wanting to endanger innocent people, he took it upon himself to systematically eliminate security threats that the agency was too hypocritical to address. A scientist he helped to relocate has been abducted and Ben is afraid that an arms dealer is behind it. Since the man's knowledge could be used by said arms dealer to craft undetectable chemical IED's (Improvised Explosive Device), the agency decides to send back into the field, this time with Annie as his handler.

Things of course don't go as planned and Annie and Ben end up running for their lives through the streets of Sri Lanka. They hide out on same beach where they original fell in love and you can imagine what happens there. Jai (who was once Ben's handler himself) goes in to save them, but when Ben is shot during the escape, we are left wondering whether Annie will lose him again, this time forever.

My favorite bits..

The way Ben just casually walked up to a gang of cops, complete with attack dogs, asking to come in from the cold.

Auggie going all protective on his friend when he found out where Annie was going and with whom, even going so far as to give her a special number to call if she got in trouble. Aw.

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