Recap - Chuck 3.5 "Chuck vs. First Class"

To the strains of "Respect" (non-Aretha version), "Chuck vs. First Class" begins with Buy More employees avoiding the gaze of the Ass. Man. himself, Morgan. He enters the employee kitchen, but not before arming himself with an oven mitt. It seems Lester and crew have heated up the doorknob to scalding temperatures as retribution for Morgan's coming down on the crew's fight club. See, Morgan knows all the tricks they could try to pull on him because he taught them all everything he knows, including Jeff's attempt at putting laxatives in Morgan's coffee. There is something he's not ready for though: the old glue-on-the-chair gag! Morgan sits down, and when he is unable to get up, he realizes he is now at war with an "evil cabal of tricksters."

On the Buy More floor, Chuck pesters Casey for information on Agent Shaw. Casey informs him that Shaw is living in Castle(!), and since he is now in charge of all Ring operations, Shaw can do whatever he wants. This includes conducting performance reviews like the one Shaw is currently giving Sarah. He asks Sarah if Chuck is a "real spy." "Of course he is," she, a bit uneasily, replies. Sarah asks Shaw why he is asking these questions. He responds that he needs to know if Chuck is a liability. When Sarah doesn't answer, Shaw texts Casey that it is time for Chuck to be interviewed. With the whole team assembled in Castle, Shaw announces that he has completed his review. His verdict? The team has been "dysfunctional," and it is not because of Chuck. The problem is Sarah and Casey: they haven't let Chuck evolve as a spy. Chuck, always wanting to be the hero, is buoyed by Shaw's critique, "Let me out of the car! I'm ready!" (Let me pause to say that the "stay in the car" gag that has run throughout the series is one of my favorites, so I loved the callback to it here.) Sarah insists that Chuck is, indeed, not ready at all, although it is clear she is speaking out of her personal concern for Chuck's well-being, not his spy aptitude. Shaw responds to Sarah's overt emotions, "Duly noted and ignored." Shaw is sending Chuck on his first solo mission - to Paris.

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