UNNATURAL HISTORY ''Speetlemania'' Review Episode 12

Taxidermy, house parties and one really disgusting and elusive bug, ‘Speetlemania’ was the twelfth and penultimate episode of UNNATUAL HISTORY‘s first season. Henry intercepts a package meant for Julian and finds a once thought to be extinct bug he names Rex is hidden inside. This bug is a cross between a spider and a beetle and has the genetic ability to, I gather, take over the world.

This puts a chink in Jasper and Henry’s plans. After complaining that Henry has no social life outside of his dangerous adventures and himself and Maggie, Henry takes the initiative and throws a house party the weekend Uncle Bryan is away. By twitter, email and texting, the teens flood the Bartlett household. Maggie, as event co-ordinator, indulges in karaoke. Jasper semi-stalks, semi-assaults the object of his heart’s desire. She cannot quite remember the 16th of March 2002, when she and Jasper were in third grade and temporarily boyfriend-girlfriend (according to Jasper. Ah, young love!)

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