SHERLOCK (BBC) ''A Study in Pink'' Review

Who can solve four separate and mysterious suicides with the same MO and no apparently clues? Sherlock, of course.

The first episode of SHERLOCK, a BBC re-imagining of the currently ubiquitous Sherlock Holmes, entitled A Study in Pink - a reference to the first Holmes novel A Study in Scarlet - finds our titular hero (and sidekick Dr Watson) in the modern day.

When people start committing suicide all over London using the same type of pill, the police are sure there's a link they just can't find it. There's only one man that can help, the world's first consulting detective. (The world's first because he created the job position.)

The feature length episode (90 minutes total) expertly combines forwarding the episode plot and building the characters of Holmes, Watson, and those around them.

We first meet Watson (played by Martin Freeman, The Office, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy'), a traumatised and invalided army veteran, who needs therapy - and a flatmate. We're then introduced to the infamous Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch, ËœThe Last Enemy, Atonement), who decides to whip a dead body in the morgue with a riding crop, because, it seems, that's just how he rolls in 2010.

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