'The Biggest Loser' - 'Week Eight' Recap Season 9, Episode 8

Poor O'Neal. Apparently, nobody clued him in to who the vulnerable members of the blue team were going into last week's elimination. That meant he could sit there at the house a completely and total emotional wreck for the cameras to zoom in on, fretting that his daughter Sunshine had gone home. How much do you want to bet a producer outside asked the blue team to go into the house with Sunshine last to up the emotional drama.

Gotta wring out those tears however they can!

This week it was all about wringing out sweat in double-time, as Alison dubbed it "Work Week." Contestants had to add an eight-hour-a-day job to their regular exercise routine for one week to give them a taste for what it will be like for them when they get back out into the real world. But first ... why don't you pull that semi?

I felt terrible for the black team the moment I saw those trucks sitting there. With all the heart in the world, there is no way those five women and Sam can pull a truck as effectively as Michael's stacked blue team. And they did struggle more in getting started, but those women surprised and impressed again by staying more competitive in this challenge than even they thought they could.

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