Comedy of the Week: Looking at the Sunny Characters

For those of you that have watched some It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, share which character is your favorite and why!

For those of you that are still slacking, here's an introduction to each of the main characters:


Dennis is Dee's brother and part-owner of Paddy's Pub. He is portrayed as reasonably intelligent, though simultaneously the most self-centered and unprincipled of the bunch. He's also incredibly vain (starving himself for days after he sees himself on TV and is convinced that his face looks fat).

Choice quote: "Hi. I'm a recovering crackhead, and this is my retarded sister I take care of. I'd like some welfare please."


Mac is supposed to be the "manly man" of the bunch, though he desperately seeks the approval of others (when he thinks Charlie was molested by a former teacher he's upset that the same person didn't want to molest him). Mac's father is in jail and Mac dealt drugs in high school.

Choice quote: "This music sounds like whales raping each other."


Dee is Dennis' sister who tends bar at Paddy's Pub. She frequently fights/disagrees with the guys and aspires to be an actress. Dee was originally supposed to be the group's voice of reason, but has ended up being as insane as the rest of the characters.

Choice quote: "Why can't you just die and leave your money to your kids like normal parents?"


Charlie co-owns the bar with Dennis and Mac. He allows the rest of the batch to constantly take advantage of him, making him do "Charlie work", which is any type of grunt work that they don't want to deal with. He seems to be illiterate, bordering on retarded.

Choice quote: "I'm in love with a man called God. Does that make me gay? Does that make me gay for God? You betcha."

Frank Reynolds

Frank, played by Danny Devito, is the father of Dennis and Dee (for the second season of the show, at least). He's as self-centered and immoral as his children, even if he's not really their father...

Choice quote: (to Dennis and Dee): "Are you two banging each other?!? Because that's just not right!"



Default avatar cat
Jul 24, 2008 3:59PM EDT

Is Mac's mom an option? Because I'm going to have to choose her. I just always picture her hair and the cigarette hanging out. Classy lady all around. She became my favorite during the "Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom" episode. Won my heart, you could say.

Default avatar cat
Aug 1, 2008 2:35PM EDT

Na it's easily Charlie. All the characters, serpico, all that yelling, mad funny.

Default avatar cat
Aug 10, 2008 6:56PM EDT

Either charlie or mac. But probably charlie. He had me at Night Man. And then again at Day Man. Oh! And Green Man of course...

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